Home Watch – Exterior

  • Comprehensive exterior inspection of house and dock (if applicable)
  • Ensure all doors, windows, gates, and out-buildings are locked and properly secured
  • Clean off driveway, walkways, porches, decks, and stairs
  • Inspect all exterior openings, crawl spaces, and/or basement for signs of moisture and insect/rodent entry
  • Provide severe weather storm inspections
  • Start vehicles and boats if accessible, noting battery health
  • Place trash out for collection, or collect ourselves for an additional $30 per month
  • Spray for bees around exterior of home
  • Check for proper drainage around home and property’s exterior
  • Exterior Inspection
    Exterior inspection
  • doorlock
    Secure Doors
  • driveway
    Clean off walkways
  • crawlspace inspection
    Inspect exterior openings
  • home_inspectors
    Storm inspections
  • batterytest-1r
    Check Vehicle Battery's
  • trashout
    Trash removal
  • pest-control-spray
    Spray for bees
  • guide-to-proper-home-drainage-systems-218
    Check for proper drainage